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Everyone who played wow and at least googling something about wow such as guide and wow leveling guide should know a thing or two about Joana’s Guide. Joana is a female troll who played as hunter and level up from 1 to level 60 in only 4 day and 20 hours recorded. This is the recorded as the fastest level up time and she’s not only done it only in one server, but a bunch in other server too. You can check the server she played in her guide page. So far, this guide is considered as the best wow leveling guide, especially for horde. She also included full recorded video along with her guide. I also have tried using this guide for my priest and rogue, and I reach level 60 in 13 days and several hours and the other reach level 56 in 10 days until now. While there are a lot of free guide in the internet you can Google, but a pay guide is much better. Check out the guide.


If you plan to buy any guide, please google around first to make sure that guide is legal, i mean not a scam guide. Asking in forum can be very efficient. This blog also list the top guide with ranking. Check out.

[[ Wow Guide Review ]]


Team iDemise Wow Leveling Guide "Team iDemise Has The Fastest 1-70 Time in the World! We Get There In 6 Days 5 Hours and Using our In-game Leveling Guide You Can too!" - Team iDemise Alliance and Horde Leveling Guide. They give you an in-game mod, call mapmod to guide you where to go after each task. Complete with arrow and direction. Brain Koop Alliance Leveling Guide Brain Koop Wow Leveling Guide
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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Powerleveling Guides for all Professions 1-300

This guide is straight from the official wow forum. I thought this guide is very excellent for all profession.

You can now download a PDF version of this entire thread at the following places:

Alchemy 1 to 300
Blacksmithing 1 to 300
Cooking 1 to 300
Enchanting 1 to 300
Engineering 1 to 300
First Aid 1 to 300
Fishing & Cooking 1 to 300
Herbalism 1 to 300
Jewelcrafting 1 to 300

Leatherworking 1 to 300
Mining 1 to 300
Skinning 1 to 300
Tailoring 1 to 300

Tinker's Guide to the Fishing Extravaganza
Craelis' Lockpicking Guide 1 to 375 (yes Lockpicking is a profession!)

Powerleveling Guides for all Professions 300-375

This is guide for profession leveling in World of Warcraft Burning Crusade WOW BC to level up from level 300 to 375. Have fun leveling!

Alchemy 300 to 375

Blacksmithing 300 to 375

Cooking 300 to 375

Enchanting 300 to 375

Engineering 300 to 375

First Aid 300 to 375

Fishing and Cooking 300 to 375

Herbalism 300 to 375

Jewelcrafting 300 to 375

Leatherworking 300 to 375

Mining 300 to 375

Skinning 300 to 375

Tailoring 300 to 375

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Priest Addons for Raid

For Raid

CT raid assist
A must for all raiding classes, but especially for priests.
This addon will show your raid in an easy to monitor grid, making raid healing a lot easier - and includes Boss Mods for various high end encounters.

Deadly Bossmods
formerly La Vendetta Boss Mods
Very advanced bossmod, with mods to assist every high-end encounter. Much advanced upon CTRA, and better visual representation through the use of a time bar, counting down until decisive moments in encounters.

Clique allows you to bind keys to any actions, macros, spells etc. This is brilliant for a priest as it allows CLICK CAST healing. For example; bind right click to shield, then right click any party or raid target to shield that member. Some videos demonstrating clique's capabilities:

Shows you who else in your raid is casting a heal on your current target. Thus you can see all inbound heals on that target. Also shows heals inbound on yourself, and heals on your focus target.

MendWatch tracks your Prayer of Mending. A bar shows the current target of the Prayer of Mending spell with a countdown of how long the spell will last. When the target gets hit the amount the Prayer of Mending healed for will be shown and the bar will slowly fade away. If the Prayer of Mending jumps to a new target a new timer bar will be shown for the new target.

Decursive makes your life easier, it clearly shows you who is afflicted by something you can remove, this is done using "Micro-unit-frames" (MUF): a micro-unit-frame is a little square on your screen that changes of appearance according to the unit status. If you click on a MUF, it automatically cast a cleaning spell, the choice of the spell depends of the mouse button you click, Decursive manages the button mapping automatically.

Shackle Watch
displays a timer bar counting down the duration of the Shackle

Shadowfiend Watch
This is a simple addon that will show some statistics about the mana regened by the Shadowfiend.

KLH threat meter
As a priest, aggro management is vital. This addon will show a grid, with a very accurate visual representation of your thread in comparrison to the rest of your raid / party. (In order to work, all party / raid should have the addon)

Sacred buff
Addon for easy buffing, with enhanced options and great graphical display.

More advanced version of SacredBuff, amongst others some very funny ressurection macros

HealBot allows for 20 key mouse combinations to cast any beneficial spells.
HealBot allows for 20 key mouse combinations to cast on disabled bars.
Any usable item can be added to all combos.
Target, Focus and Assist can be added to all combos

Very nice mod to track your mana return to all party members. Theres also a Fubar Version/addition on acefiles which also tracks your shadowfiend returns.

Tactics addon which announces tactics for a specified mob / boss - in any instance - in the channel of your choice. Very configurable, you can add your own tactics, or edit the ones already included in the file!

Rogue Leveling Guide

Rogue Leveling Guide - Assassination, Combat, Subtlety

General Information

When it comes to leveling guides no one has come close to providing the detail found in both Kopp's Alliance Leveling Guide and Joana's Horde Leveling Guide. They are both step-by-step instructions with maps on how to level to 70 in less than 10 days.

Rogues are a considered a high DPS (Damage Per Second) class. The best way to level a rogue is to focus on caster mobs (squishies) that have low armor and low health. These will be the best mob types to grind on and you should always focus on finding an area full of caster mobs if possible.

Sword Vs Daggers

There’s a constant heated debate in the World of Warcraft forums about which weapons are the best for leveling as well as what builds. While generally speaking, swords are supposedly better for leveling, I think it’s just because most people are lazy and have no skill. After reading this article you will see how it is possible to level with daggers and swords efficiently.

Swords, Maces, Fists

The common rogue leveling build is typically used with swords, maces, or other non-dagger weapons. It focuses on using sinister strikes for generating combo points and hitting hard with eviscerates to finish mobs off. Swords are not an affective burst DPS build but they can be deadly in PvP when combined with a stunlock build. To use swords or maces all you need to do is target a mob and spam sinister strike until you can eviscerate. Later on you will get talents like blade furry, which will allow you to take on two mobs at once without much of a problem. Here is what you should focus on getting for talents as you level.

10-11: Improved Sinister Strike 2/2
12-16: Malice 5/5
17-19: Improved Eviscerate 3/3
20-21: Ruthlessness 2/3
22-26: Lethality 5/5
27: Relentless Strikes 1/1
28-29: Ruthlessness 2/2
30: You can continue down the Assination tree, build up the combat tree, or retalent into the combat tree so that you go all the way down to Blade Furry. At this point you will have an idea of how you want to play your class and can follow one of the rogue cookie cutter builds.


Not many people choose a dagger build to level because they don’t know how to do it efficiently. A lot will try to run in like you have a combat build, which is inefficient. The best way to level with daggers is through the subtlety tree. You will rely on high burst damage to open the fight and then finish the mobs life off by spamming sinister strike. Getting camouflage and improved ambush are key to this setup. What you will do is use camouflage, ambush, finish mob off and repeat process. Camouflage allows you to move faster in stealth and makes your cool down 5 seconds shorter so you won’t be slow going from mob to mob while grinding.

10-14: Opportunity 5/5
15-19: Camouflage 5/5
20-22: Improved Ambush 3/3
23-27: Malice 5/5
28: Based off your playing style you can either continue down the subtlety tree, or head into the assassination tree. You will know at this point what grinding build works best for you.


Rogues can be an extremely fun and competitive class to play. I wouldn’t plan on getting into groups easy with this class so be prepared to solo. There is a surplus of this class on most servers and group space is limited. I play my rogue for PvP because they are extremely good at it. Talent builds make and break a rogue because they are not innately good like some of the other classes. Without the right talent build and play style, a rogue is useless. Check out this level 70 rogue talent build guide for more information: Rogue Talent Guide

Rogue Guide at WOW Forum

Monday, May 14, 2007

Priest Macro

I found this post on wow-europe forum in the priest section. Really good one for who aim for priest leveling.

Priest Macro
Excellent priest macro guide

Tradeskill Guide

Guy at the write lot about guide of profession and tradeskill but only general information about them. It is not focus on leveling.

Alchemy & Herbalism
Blacksmithing & Mining
General Tradeskill Information
Leatherworking & Skinning

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Warlock Leveling Guide

Building a Successful Leveling Warlock

Many people who play the Warlock in the beginning think that the
most successful way to level is to put your DOTS (Damage Over Time Spell) on the target then fear and shadow bolt to death. Not only is this dangerous, but it is also very mana consuming and you will experience more downtime than you would using a common drain-tanking build. That is what we will be focusing on in this guide.

Note about Drain Tanking:
Few realize that Drain-Tanking is
nearly useless before level 30, due to the weakness of the lower
versions of the Drain Life spell. So for the first 19 levels just use the method of placing your DOTS on the target and shadow bolting to death.

1-9: Do your lowbie quests. Should take 2-3 hours.

10-14: 5/5 Improved Corruption
15: 1/5 Demonic Embrace
3/3 Improved Imp (For the instances you should be running right now)

19: 2/5 Demonic Embrace
20-22: Improved VW
23-25: 5/5
Demonic Embrace
26: 1/1 Fel Domination
27-29: 3/5 Fel Stamina

Level 29 Spec
Using the method during this stage

10-29: Stack all your DoTs on a mob, send in the VW, stack all
your DoTs on a second mob, and then wand the second mob to death.
Repeat until low health, and then bandage/Consume Shadows. Each level should take about an hour, moving towards an hour and a half as you get closer to 30. If they are taking longer, figure out what the problem is (mobs too far apart, mobs have too much life, too much downtime) and move to an area that solves it.

Respec #1 (Level 30)
30: Respec to:
Affliction Tree
Improved Corruption
5/5 Improved Drain Life
2/2 Improved Life
5/5 Fel Concentration
2/2 Nightfall
2/2 Grim Reach

31: 1/1 Siphon life
32-34: 3/5 Suppression
35-39: 5/5
Shadow Mastery
40: 1/1 Dark Pact
41-45: 5/5 Demonic Embrace

46-49: 4/5 Fel Intellect

Using the method during this stage

30-49: Drain Tank: Load the mob up on DoTs, send in the Succubus,
cast Drain Life while the mob beats on you, rinse and repeat. At
40-49 keep using this method but instead of Life Tapping, use Dark Pact. A good rule of thumb is, DP only if your pet is over 50% mana, because if they run out it will slow your fighting time down. The easiest way to do this is to turn off all autocast abilities on your Succubus, and remember to DPing during the fight (rather than after) as a good time-saver because your DoTs will help keep up the DPS.

Respec #2 (Level 50)
50: Respec to:
Afliction Tree
5/5 Improved Corruption
2/2 Improved Lifetap
3/5 Improved Drain Life
5/5 Fel Concentration
2/2 Grim Reach
2/2 Nightfall

1/1 Amplify Curse

Demonology Tree
5/5 Demonic Embrace
3/3 Improved Imp
3/3 Improved VW
3/3 Improved Succubus
1/1 Fel Domination
2/2 Master Summoner
3/5 Unholy Power
1/1 Demonic Sacrifice

51: 1/1 Siphon Life
52: 1/1 Curse of Exaustion
53-55: 3/4 Improved Curse of Exaustion
56-60: 5/5 Shadow Mastery

Using the method during this stage

50-59: The Drain Tanking gets even better now. By Demonic
Sacrificing your pet, you are able to regen even more life per fight, keeping up with increasing monster damage, while still 'Tapping up to full mana whenever you want because of the passive regen.

60: You are now specced SM/DS, which is generally accepted to be
best grinding spec. Do whatever killing you need to do, grind
factions etc., and then respec to your high-level build of choice.

How to level:
Grind and quest at the same time. Either look
for multiple quests that involve killing the same mobs, or look for multiple quests in the same areas. The more quests you can get done before running back to turn in, the faster your leveling will go. Also, remember to set your hearth to new places frequently. Every time you plan to level in a new place for more than an hour, set your hearth there, as the time saved by teleporting back to the nearest down instead of running is incredible.

Equipment Choice:
During early levels it is best to focus on
+sta, and at around 35 or so to switch to +shadow or +dmg. If you are specced into affliction and are draintanking, +dmg will be vastly superior to +sta. You kill the mobs much faster for the same mana, and heal yourself that much faster.

Up until about level 40 you should stack +sta and 'of the
Eagle' gear. At 30, start looking for Shadoweave gear, and
around 40 switch into it. Full Shadoweave can be made by tailors, and will give a bonus of +114 shadow damage, along with some Int and Sta, and can be equipped at level 44.

In general, while using Dark Pact we stack as much +damage gear as possible, and while using Demonic Sacrifice, we stack as much +sta gear as possible, while keeping a minimum of +100 dmg.

We also go against using a staff, a good dagger/sword and an
offhand in my opinion is way better than a staff. Think about it,
with a staff you get some nice stats, occasionally an effect. With a dagger/sword and an offhand, you get stats on the weapon and sometimes an effect, AND on the offhand you can get ADDITIONAL stats AND another effect. Far superior.

Monday, May 7, 2007

World of Warcraft Power Leveling Guide

This is the method the power levelers have used since closed beta and I finally got one of them to give it up. It is by no means the way to go if you want to maximize your experience in the game as this method will bypass almost all the content in the game and essentially ignore many of the fun, unique aspects of WoW. This is not recommended for new players and is meant for players who already have experienced the content and just want to level up an alt to play with their level 60 friends (ie. your level 60 instance group needs a priest and there are no priests to be had). As a benchmark to how successful you are with this, download cosmos and use the clock feature to measure your xp/hour. At level 50 you should be getting about 40,000+/hour.

1-20: Newbie lands, stick to the friendly zones (not contested). Just grind. The quests are a waste of time up to level 20 if you are focusing on maxing out xp per hour.

20-26: Wetlands quests and raptors/slime/orcs for grinding. Redridge mountain Lakeshire quests.

26-30: Duskwood quests and undead for grinding. Hillsbrad critter roamers for grinding.

30-35: Did these all in a day on Daggerspines in Hillsbrad right next to Southshore along the coast. Huge spawn, very fast respawn rate, easy mobs to kill. Purgation isle (island in the very far Southwest water area of Hillsbrad) also a nice secluded place you can grind on undead.

36-40: Hillsbrad southshore quests. Desolace quests and kodo grinding for 36-38, then Undead Ravagers in the southeast for 38-40. Cresting exiles at the circle of outer binding in Arathi also for 37-41; extremely easy mobs with a fast respawn. Alterac ogres from 35-40 for grinding. Drywhisker kobolds in Arathi east of Hammerfall for 36-39 for grinding.

41-45: Hinterlands trolls, owl beasts, and wolves for grinding and quests. Badlands ogres, gnolls, and quests.

45-48: Tanaris quests and pirates on the eastern paninsula for grinding. Stranglethorn vale quests (only if you need rewards imo). Badlands greater elementals for grinding.

48-52: Felwood deadwood gnolls for grinding and quests from the sanctuary in the south. Blasted lands dreadmauls for grinding. Un'goro crater (best started at 50) for primarily quests and grinding off the plants and tar elementals. Azshara undead highbornes and thunderhead hyppogriffs for grinding.

52-55: Azshara blood elves for grinding. Burning steppes dreadmaul rock ogre caves firegut ogres (very low AC) for grinding. Felwood irontree woods and cave for grinding (great spot). Western plaguelands questing for argent dawn and grinding on undead throughout the various camps.

55-58: Eastern plaguelands quests from the sanctuary, grinding on undead at the ruined towns. Winterspring grinding at winterfall village or Lake Kel'Theril undead highbornes (my personal favorite camp). Blackrock Stronghold in Burning Steppes for grinding.

58-60: "The" yeti cave in Winterspring, due Southeast of Everlook (very nice place). Grosh Gok compound ogres in Deadwind pass (great spot, no one knows about it). Eastern plaguelands Fungal Vale undead grinding and argent dawn token farming. Moonowls in northeast winterspring for grinding.

If all else fails, I recommend The MMORPG Exchange for your WoW Gold needs. They're fast and always there when I need them. Good Luck!

Taken from :

Detailed Gold Guides

There are many ways to make gold in WoW:
Grinding, Tradeskills, Etc.

However none are as effective as Reselling . or ' Buying low and selling High ' .

This strategy can be applied to any MMORPG, I started doing it in Everquest years ago, it worked well for me back then and it has worked very well for me in WoW as well. I have made somewhere in the ballpark of 80,000g in the 7 months that I have been playing WoW spending only around 30 minutes per day on average buying and selling.

I sold a good portion of that gold, and the rest I spent on friends, and myself. I was able to keep all my (and a couple of my close friends) characters in the very best blues and purples as I leveled them (I had all the BoE tier 1 epics from molten core in my bank when I was in my 40's), buy mounts at 40, and epic mounts at 60, power level all my tradeskills to 300 in a matter of hours, even powerlevel many factions through turn-ins of BoE items purchased in AH. Allowing me to buy other races epic mounts among other rewards. I got all 1,200 tickets for darkmoon fair in an afternoon buying all the turning mats on AH. I also was able to create an army of twinks all decked out in the best gear, and best enchants money can buy. And I still have so much gold I don't even know what to do with it. And the best part is that it was SO EASY! I laugh every time I think of someone grinding for hours on end to make a few gold .

Ok enough of that lets talk about what we need to do to prepare to make some money!

First we need to downlaod and install a few indespensible tools:


Download here:
This is the most current version as of 8/28:


Auctioneer is included with many UI mods already, but if you do not have it, go download it, it is the single most important tool to have for making gold in wow.

Auctioneer scans the auction hall and records all of the items and their prices into a searchable database for you. This allows you to do two things:
1) spot items that are listed for too low of a price
2) buy said items and sell for a profit.

Installation: Unzip the package so that the two folders 'auctioneer' and 'enhtooltip' reside in your
C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns directory.

This is what the auction house windows looks like with Auctioneer succesfully installed:

Shopping list

Shopping list is an add-on that works in conjunction with Auctioneer; It allows you to create a list of items which you can search for in your auctioneer scans. This allows you to search your scans for specific items rather than just search by price.

Why is this good? Because some items are very rare, which means they are not listed in AH very often. If something is not listed often then Auctioneer may have never seen the item before in a scan and thus would not report it in your search results as a good buy. For example I have Antenna of Invigoration In my shopping list and it came up in a shopping list report one day for 150g. Auctioneer did not report that as a good buy because it had never seen it in a scan before. I knew ahead of time that the item was valuable which is why I had put it in my shopping list. I bought and resold that item the same day for 1,500g.
Shopping List is also useful for finding tradskill items you use a lot.

CT mail

Download the CT_MailMod package. CT Mail Mod allows you to auto-open all the mail in your mailbox. Very handy when you are dealing with 100+ emails a day with gold from sold auctions, items to re-list from expired auctions, and items from new purchases.

Simply click 'open all' and it will automaticaly open all your mail and put the items into your bags.

Your mailbox will look like this with ctmail mod installed:


Lootlink stores clickable links to every item that is ever linked in public channels or on people that you inspect. It is very handy for getting links to rare items to add to your Shopping List.

Bring up the lootlink window once it is installed by typing /ll or /lootlink

Is a good alternative to lootlink also.
It keeps track of links that you see, then to retrieve the link you simply type the text version of it.
For example you woudl type [krol blade] and on your screen woudl actualy apear [Krol Blade]
as a clickable link

In order to install any of these mods in warcraft all you have to do is unzip them into:
C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons
or whereever you have wow installed, that is the default location though.

If the addon does not apear when you log in to wow, you probably do not have it unzipped into the correct location. Check and make sure it is in the addons directory.

If you get an error saying that you do not have enough memory to run the mod, then do the following:
log into warcraft and at the character selection screen click the 'addons' button, then in the uper right hand corner notice the box labled 'Script Memory(MB)' I believe the default number is 48, change it to a few MB higher than what it is set for , say 64mb for example. then click OK and try to log in again.

** UPDATE ** 7/19

I have the following macro keys set up:

/auctioneer broker 500
/auctioneer broker 100
/sl list
/sl report

the first two will allow you to quickly check for buyouts with a 5 gold, and 1 gold profit, these can be pressed even durring a scan and if you see somethign worth buyign you can stop the scan and buy it.(if your sitting at your PC)

The third just shows you what is on your shopping list

The fourth is very useful, it shows you what items on your shoppign list were seen on the last auctioneer scan, and also what percent above or below the average price they are.

General Strategy
The general idea is to scan the AH, buy the items which are listed below the avaerage selling price, then relist them for a profit:

Make a level 1 character
Give Him/Her a catchy name
If you have enough money to do so at this point, go ahead and buy some 14 or 16 slot bags. If not don't worry, you can work your way up to that when your rolling in gold.
Park yourself in AH
Set up your shopping list (read on to find out how)
Open up the auction window
Uncheck the categories: Container, Consumable, Projectile, and Quiver as things in those categories generally do not produce good profits and just slow down your scans.
Press the scan button and wait for it to finish.
For the first few days the best thing to do is scan with Auctioneer as many times as you can through the day at different times. After a dozen or so scans across a span of 2 or 3 days auctioneer will begin to ac######ulate enough data to give you somewhat accurate pricing information.
Once you think you have enough scans to have good enough pricing data you can start searching for good buys:
I search for good deals 2 ways:
I create a macro : '/auctioneer broker 500'
This is a quick button I can click at any time and see everything that is listed at least 5g too low.(you can do whatever amount of gold you like 100 = 1g)
I also use the 'Search Auctions' Tab in the AH window. This is installed by the Auctioneer add-on.
Check your /auctioneer broker 500' hotkey results
Check your shopping list report.
On the 'Search Auctions' tab in AH search for:
• Buyouts with percent less 80% and minimum profit 50silver
• Buyouts with percent less 50% and minimum profit 1g
• Bids (short / medium) with percent less 80% and minimum profit 50s
• Bids (short / medium) with percent less 50% and minimum profit 1g
I have the 6 searches saved so I can run them all quickly in a row, starting with the 1g profit searches first.
As you begin to make more money you can search for higher profit items only as the smaller profit items will not be worth the effort then. For example I usually search:
• Buyouts with percent less 90% and minimum profit 2g
• Buyouts with percent less 50% and minimum profit 5g
• Buyouts with percent less 25% and minimum profit 10g
• Bids (short / medium) with percent less 90% and minimum profit 2g
• Bids (short / medium) with percent less 50% and minimum profit 5g
• Bids (short / medium) with percent less 25% and minimum profit 10g
Then if I don't find many items in those searches, then I fall back to my lower profit searches and pick up a few more items there.
You can tweak these numbers and percents as you see fit those are just what I do.
Buyout all the good deals, and then head to the mailbox to pick them up and come back and relist them for more in AH. Read the rest of this guide for exact guidelines on what to buy and how to sell. You have to use common sense and some guidelines when choosing what to buy. In general when you are just starting out stick with low level( on the item, or item link which you wish to add. Then hit enter.

To View your shopping list:
/sl list

To get a REPORT of items from the last auctioneer scan that are on your list:
/sl report

*note- A report will automaticaly be shown after each AH scan, although you might miss it if you are not at your computer when the scan finishes.

SO :: Make a macro button for '/sl report' so that you can click it when you sit back down at your PC and see the report.

To make a macro go into the macro menu from the main menu, click 'new', choose an icon, fill in the macro (in this case /sl report), then drag the icon to your hotbar.

Manually searching for items
Here is where you can really make some money, after you have done the auctioneer thing, and all the good deals have been bought up, there are some other actions you can take to ensure maximum profits. And this is where I make a lot of money so pay attention.

I was bored one day with doing the same old auctioneer scan thing so I decided to try something new. I decided to find something that I could buy up for cheep that I felt was undervalued. While power leveling my rogue one day I noticed that the biggest help in my killing power was having the best daggers I could get for my level, I also noticed that a lot of people make twink rogues. So I went to AH and bought up every green dagger between the levels of 5-19 and having 'of agility' and 'of power' since these seemed to be most desirable for a lowbie rogue. They were selling anywhere from 5s to 50s on my server. I re-listed them all for 1g 99s, every time I was in AH I would buy up all the lower priced daggers than mine. Mine began to sell.

Within a week I had upped the price to 2g99s for of power, and of agility daggers, and was now buying up all the other alternative green daggers such as 'of strength' and 'of stamina' and was listing them at 1g99s. They always sell. The re-listing fee is negligible so I can list them as many times as it takes. In fact if I get an overabundance of a certain type of dagger, I usually just vendor them. Since I buy then for like 10s … its better to just buy them up and vendor them and loose a few silver , and have someone buy yours for 2g99s instead. You are still making a huge profit.

I then moved on to other green lvl 1-19 items following the same idea:
Lvl 1-19 green cloth 'of the eagle'; listing them all for 1g99s to 2g99s

Lvl 1-19 green leather 'of the monkey' 'of agility' 'of power'; listing them all for 2g99s or more. I can sell a +5+5 of the monkey legs or +4+4 monkey gloves for well over 10g a pair.

1-19 green rings of the monkey, eagle, bear, etc as well as Blood rings, Demon Bands, and Ring of the Moon; Buying them all up and re-listing them for anywhere from 5g for a +2+2 stat ring to 19g for a +3+3 of the monkey or of the eagle ring.

Another idea I had that has worked well :
lvl 40-50 green MAIL of the Monkey, Agility, Power. At level 40 hunters can begin to wear chain, this means that they need to upgrade all their gear starting at 40, so I buy up all the 40+ green mail gear that has good hunter stats and I re-list it for higher prices. If you keep buying up all the cheaper alternatives that get listed the hunters have no choice but to pay your prices, which they will because they are excited about getting to wear chain so they impulse buy.

You can come up with your own ideas following the same idea, some that I haven't had time to try are 40+ plate of the bear for warriors, or 40+ gear for shamans.

It doesn't really matter what item you choose as long as you know there is a demand for it and you are diligent in buying up all the lower competition and relisting them. You could even do this with rare or uncommonly seen trade goods etc.
Use caution buying 40+ blues; especially weapons
Use a bit of judgment befor ebuyign up too many 40+ blue items. Be sure that you are going to be able to sell the item for a decent profit because the AH listing fees on 40+ blue items can be high. Some higher level blue weapons can have listing fees of several gold . So only buy high level blues if you know 1 )the item has a high demand 2) you will be able to make a profit even if you have to list it a few times because 2g a listing adds up.
Epic Items
The same goes for epics, they generally have high listing fees, and the auctioneer data may be skewed because of a handful of overpriced epics that have been sitting in AH for weeks. Use caution when buying epic items. I would suggest that you only get involved with epics once you have plenty of experience and gold reserves on hand. Unless you are 100% sure that it's a killer deal. If you do see something hat jumps out at you don't hesitate to buy it. When I was just getting started I didn't know a whole lot about the prices and values of most epics, but I did know that when I saw a Krol Blade for 150g it was an awesome deal and I snapped it up and resold it for over 500g.
How much gold to keep in reserve, how much to invest
In the beginning buy up every good deal you see, don't worry about having gold in reserve. As you start to ac######ulate gold however you will find that you cant spend it all because there are not enough good buys on AH to spend it on, at this point you will probably be buying items and mounts for your other chars, and spending gold on other things. Once you reach that point you should always keep at least several thousand gold on your AH char at all times, you never know when someone is going to list 100 nexus crystals for 199g a stack of 10. This is exactly what happened to me one day. I spent 1990g buying 100 nexus crystals that I assume were listed by some guildbank , and relisted them for 59g a piece over several weeks, and turned that 1990g into 5900g – quite a hefty profit.


Sell on Sunday
Sunday is by far the best day to sell. For some reason a lot of people do their AH shopping on Sunday. Maybe it's just because more people log-in on Sundays so more items get bought, but whatever it is Sundays are great for selling items. I always have a mailbox full of gold by Monday morning.
Listing fees and durations
Always list items for 24 hours, the fee isn't that much more, it lets more people see the item, and it makes it so you only have to list the item once per day.
Always use buyout
Always Always set a buyout. If you don't you will miss out on 99% of your sales. People want instant gratification, and also a buyout scares people into impulse buying because they feel that someone else could buyout the auction at any moment. With just bids and no buyout people know they have hours to think about it and often decide they don't really need to spend all that gold on that item today.
Stack size
A lot of times I will buy up stackable items either in small stacks or 2 or 3 etc, or I will end up with stacks with like 17 or 18 items in them. This is not the best way to sell stackable items. I use the following guidelines:
In general if you have enough to combine into a stack of 10 or 20 do that because it is a nice even number and people can easily figure out if the price is good.
If you only have a few of the item (like 3 or 4) split them up and list them singly.
Some items are needed in specific quantities for quests or tradeskills; these are the exceptions where it may be beneficial to list them in those quantities. An example is nexus crystals are generally required in quantities of 3 for most high level enchants. So if someone else has them listed for 50g singly, and you have 3 for 150g, odds are your stack of three will be purchased because someone probably needs 3, and its less clicking for them to buy your stack of 3.
7's 9's rule
I always list my items using 7's and 9's let me explain:
If the item usually sells for around 10g I list it with a min bid of 7g77s and a buyout of 9g 99s. Never list anything for 10g or 20g etc, always 9g99s, 19g 99s

Its only 1 s difference but it makes people feel like its 10g cheaper. It's the same principal as all those TV commercials that sell stuff for $19.95 It just sounds a lot cheaper than $20 even though its not really.

Sometimes if the item is worth only 15g, but there is no competition in AH at the time I'll list it for 17g 77s / 19g 99s. People see 17g and think '17 is about the same as 15, and 19g is only 2 more g – I really want it so I'm just going to buy it.' They just paid 20g for a 15g item that's 33% markup. They probably wouldn't have bought the item had you listed it for 20g/20g.

Granted if you had listed the same item for 13g/14g99s they defiantly would buy it, but that is a judgment call you will have to make on an item to item basis based on how much competition there is, how much you paid for it, and how badly you need to sell it(because listing fee is high or whatever) personally I do not like to put myself in situations where I feel pressure to sell an item, and the best way to avoid that is to stay away from the higher level items whose demand you are unsure about.
Undercutting minimum bids
When most people search specifically for an item they sort the results based on lowest price first. The price is not determined by the buyout price but rather the minimum bid. So sometimes it makes sense to undercut the competitions minimum bid, but not necessarily their buyout. This will ensure that your item is at the top of the list and the first thing they see when they sort their results by lowest price. Be careful though never set your minimum bid below the minimum price you can sell the item for or you could loose money if someone bids on the item and the auction ends with that bid.

**How to start with no money at level 1 **
Use searches that will find lower priced items to buy
People ask me 'what if i dont have any money to start?' Well I say I started with about 1 gold. You shoudl be able to start with even less. So after telling somone this ... I started another char lvl 1 with 0 gold just to see how difficult it would be, I killed a few mobs on my way to orgimar, leveled to lvl 3, sold all the stuff I had collected and had 3 silver total. So .. now what can I get for 3 silver and turn a proffit ?!?

I did a couple scans and then did a search for:

and ended up with this result:

Bam I bought up the 3 lesser mystics(that was a stack of 3, i acidentaly chopped the 3 off), split them up and sold them each for 24s.
Now I was sitting at 72s, almost a whole gold at level 3 within an hour or two of creating the char.

Later I did:
Buyouts with percent less 80% and minimum profit 20silver
which yielded the following results:

As you can see there are several items here which you can buy for a few silver and make
a hefty profit, especialy the heart ring which is a lvl 18 ring with +5sta .. a very nice twink item which will sell very well for 1g99s leaving you with a quick 1g79s profit.

so if I bought that ring and that cloak, I spend 27s, that puts me down to 45s, and I sell the two items for a total of 2g50s, I am now sitting at just under 3 gold. !!!!!
Keep in mind im only lvl 3 and have gone from 1 silver to 3 gold in 3 quick transactions.
That is impressive!

You can change the numbers till you find something, try lowering the minimum profit, or try lowering the percent less numbers a little untill you find something that looks good.

Important thoughts:

Auctioneer is in no way definitive or perfect at what it does!
It is simply a tool to HELP you sort through the 1,000's of auctions in the auction house. If you trust the scan results of auctioneer 100 % and buy up everythign that it says is too cheep, you will loose money. The key is to use common sense to narrow those choices down to make smart purchases. I have had several people read this guide, run two or three auctioneer scans in a row and then procede to buy up everythign it tells them to. Guess what? they lost some gold!

Run lots of scans, and use some common sense in what you purchase. In the following sections I will try to give you a run down of what type of items I look for. As a rule of thumb just think about the item like this is it rare? does it have awsome stats for the classes that can use it?
No one is going to want a plate item with intelligence on it on the horde side, and conversly no one will want chain items with intelligence on it on the alliance side. Or I look at daggers and think .. rogues want agility or + atack power, so those are the daggers I buy. Caster gear with +int + sta at lower levels. and + spell damage at higher levels. You get the idea.

In the begining start small, and use caution till you get a feel for the market.


Rare blues - these are the blues that only drop in one instance, and are not world drops, there are only a handfull of them.

These are a good example of what to put on your shopping list. Odds are you will miss a good deal on them if you do not. Ask for links in public channels, or check your Lootlink, for the links to put on your shopping list

Again – the command to add to your shopping list is:
/sl add

These are the two big ones that I have on my list right now I will update this list as I find more:

Antenna of Invigoration
Elemental Attuned Blade
These are less rare, but still worth putting on the list, especially in the beginning when you don't have many scans:

Pendulum of Doom
Assassin's Blade
Miner's Hat of the Deep
Expert Goldminer's Helmet
Shovelphlange's Mining Axe
The Jackhammer
Unearthed Bands of _ _ _ _
Unearthed Bands of Agility
Etc. (keep in mind its leather so the good ones are going to be agility, power, monkey, etc)
Petrolspill Leggings
Mantle of Thieves
Flintrock Shoulders
Wolfclaw Gloves
Hotshot Pilot's Gloves
Mechbuilder's Overalls
Maiden's Circle
::Here are some of the other sets of items which I know are good sellers when im looking for stuff to buy::

Cross-faction patterns/items

There are several patterns or items that are only available to either alliance or horde. These can be purchased at vendors and if you can get them to the other faction AH you can mark them up hundreds of percent.

For example an alliance only pattern that costs around 50silver and sells very well horde side for 50gold + on my server is

Pattern: Red Whelp Gloves
To get ahold of this item you will either need to have a friend with an account on the other faction, or a second account yourself. Have the friend, or on your other account buy the item and list it for 1s or something in a neutral AH, then buy it and list it in your factions AH for whatever you want.
This is one of the better items I have found because the Gloves that it makes are highly desirable 10-19 BG Twink items.

Again I will update this List as I find more items worth doing this with.

Rare Tradeskill goods

These are hard to come by tradeskill goods that usually are not on the AH much or are very expensive because they come from raid zones/bosses. They are defiantly worth putting on your shopping list and keeping an eye on, especially once your get a good stash of gold, or if you have a lvl 60 char that can use them, or items made from them.

Fiery Core
Lava Core
Brilliant Chromatic Scale
Core Leather

Rare Tradeskill Patterns

There are some rare tradeskill patterns that you should keep an eye out for, prices on them might vary by server but they will sell for a lot regardless. I found a Formula: Enchant Chest - Greater Stats for 5g once, and a Enchant Shield - Lesser Block for 1g. I sold the first for 500g, and the other for over 100g. So just keep your eyes out for a obviously cheep price on any of these. *Update* I picked up the following recently: felcloth bag for 100g, flarecore wraps for 150g. I sold the first for 499g, and the second for 399g.

Formula: Enchant Weapon Lifstealing
Formula: Enchant Chest - Greater Stats
Enchant Shield - Lesser Block
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Crusade
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Superior Striking
Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon - Superior Impact
Pattern: Core Felcloth Bag
Recipe: Major Rejuvenation Potion
Pattern: Flarecore Wraps

Resist gear

Fire resist gear is a good resell item because the majority of guilds and players are doing onyxia molten core and blackwing lair right now, and most have minimum resist requirements for them, so the demand on these items is high. The other resists are generally not as good.

Stick with lvl 50+ items, not many people want low lvl resist gear when they are 60.
Rings with +19 or better FR are generally desired
To search for fire resist items simply search AH for 'fire resist' lvl 50+
Just check for any items that are obviously underlisted. For example I just picked up a +15 FR green necklace for 7g. I sold it for 75g. Another was a +15 fire resist offhand lvl 54 I picked up for 3g, and resold for 99g.

Items with no listing fee

Some items have NO listing fee, enchanting supplies are a good example. Dusts, Essences, and Shards have absolutely no listing fee, which is good because it means you can relist them over and over and not loose money. These are GREAT items for people who are just starting in their gold earning career because you can start with the lower lvl ones which are cheep and you can relist them without loosing any money. Also you can list them for only slightly more than you paid because you don't have to worry about fees.

One word of advice about buying enchanting supplies is to buy on the weekends or when you notice a large amount of them in AH, and then sell in the middle of the week when supplies are dwindling.


Twinks are a huge source of money for me, A twink for those of you that don't know is generally a lvl 19, 29, or 39 char (top of each battlegrounds level bracket) that is decked out in the best blues/purples that money can buy or can be obtained through instances or quests. And they generally have lvl 60 enchants on every slot. They are usually funded by their lvl 60 mains, and their only goal is to be the most decked out badass person in the battlegrounds so that they can dominate. They generally stay at that level for months or indefinitely just to dominate that bracket. Many people have one of each of the 3 levels for each bracket.

Once you start making gold you will be able to make twinks if you choose, however the reason we are talking about them now is because they will buy certain gear from you for ridiculous prices. I know a lot of other guides say no lvl 19 will pay 200g for a lvl 19 blue. But that is just in fact UNTRUE. Lvl 19's repeatedly pay 50-200g for lvl 19 blues. There is a list of these items to look for below, but let me just provide you with one specific example. For example I love when I find an Assassin's Blade

For like 5g in AH (happens quite a bit) they sell for 150g – 200g on my server. And they DO sell. You might have to relist it 5 or 10 times, but the relisting fee is like 5s so no big deal. That is an extreme example because it is an especially rare item which comes from only 1 instance. However many of the items below sell for 40g or 50g + regularly.

Twink blues:

Feet of the Lynx
Deviate Scale Belt
Sentry Cloak
Assassin's Blade
Thorbia's Gauntlets
Silver-linked Footguards
Skeletal Club
Night Reaver
Black Malice
Tree Bark Jacket
Darkweave Breeches
Keller's Girdle
Magefist Gloves
Twisted Chanter's Staff
Witching Stave
Lil Timmy's Peashooter

Barbaric Bracers
Enduring Cap
River Pride Choker
Watchman Pauldrons
Tigerstrike Mantle
Brawler Gloves
Harbinger Boots
Cobalt Crusher
Forest Tracker Epaulets
Mantle of Thieves
The Butcher
Zealot Blade
Claw of the Shadowmancer
Frostreaver Crown
Pugilist Bracers
Girdle of Golem Strength
Hotshot Pilot's Gloves
Beguiler Robes
Mechbuilder's Overalls
Glowing Magical Bracelets

Basilisk Hide Pants
Assault Band
Necklace of Calisea
Ogron's Sash
Papal Fez
Speedsteel Rapier

Elven Chain Boots

Twink greens :

Some lvl 10-19 greens sell for 5g or even 10g+ simply because they are the best items you can get for those slots period(AH, Instances, Quests or otherwise) here are a couple examples.

Bristlebark Gloves
Forest Leather Bracers
Red Whelp Gloves <- On horde side they are very valuable, because it's an alliance only pattern LVL 10-19 rings : Ring of the eagle, monkey, bear, agi , eluding, blood ring, demon band, ring of the moon, etc etc good low level rings always seem to sell well, I think it is because lower levels always seem to have empty ring slots to fill because they seem to drop less than regular armor. Also because for twinking they are generaly better than the blue instance dropped or quest rings for some classes. Here are a couple of searches I run without using auctioneer. I just use the standard AH search box: 1) lvl 2 - 19 rare all catagories. sort lowest price first. emmiting level 1 skips over all tradskill itmes and leaves us only with blue weapons, and armor below lvl 19. since it is sorted lowest price first, we can imediatly see if there are any items listed very cheeply. Her is an example I ran today to show you: as you can see I entered 2 and 19 in the lvl box, selected rare from the rarity box, clicked search, and finaly clicked current bit to sort it by price. Kellers girdle is listed for way way too low, it actualy sells for closer to 20g, and I will buy it and relist it at 19g for a great profit ! 2) Lvl 1 - 19 rings of any quality sorted by price. Same idea here, easy way to find good twink rings. 3) lvl 1 - 19 daggers sorted by price. look for cheep of agi, power, monkey daggers. saves you the time of searching for them one by one! ** UPDATE 7/19 ** Lvl 60 blue spell/skill books: New lvl 60 spells and talents drop in AQ20 and AQ40 now, and are sellign for quite alot. I have sold them for 500g and up to 750g for the more desirable ones. Keep an eye out for cheep ones in AH, and if you see one in public trade , haggle with them a bit and see if you can get it cheep. note that there are also a few new lvl 60 books from normal instances that are not worth nearly as much. all of the good ones however are listed below. Rare ones: Grimoire of Shadow Bolt X Tome of Frostbolt XI Grimoire of Immolate VIII Manual of Revenge VI Tome of Arcane Missiles VIII Guide: Serpent Sting IX Tome of Fireball XII Guide: Multi-Shot V Manual of Heroic Strike IX Book of Healing Touch XI Grimoire of Corruption VII Codex of Prayer of Healing V Libram: Blessing of Wisdom VI Manual of Battle Shout VII Book of Rejuvenation XI Libram: Holy Light IX Libram: Blessing of Might VII Codex of Renew X Book of Starfire VII Guide: Aspect of the Hawk VII Handbook of Feint V Handbook of Deadly Poison V Handbook of Backstab IX **8/17 Update - Upcomming expansion** The upcommign expansion will allow for palidans on the horde side, and shamans on the alliance side. What does this mean? 1) lots of people will make new characters: This will create a huge demand for twink items when the patch comes out. chain gear for the new palidins on horde side, and leather items for the new shamans on alliance side. also lvl 40+ plate for the pallies, and 40+ chain for the shamans to a lesser extent. The real demand will be for lvl 1-40 gear tho. 2)people will also want to level tradeskills (especialy first aid) for these new characters, so we may see an increase in demand and price for cloth, and other tradskill supplies. In addition the new expansion will bring a NEW TRADESKILL: Jewelcrafting ! I can only speculate at this point, but I have a strong feeling that the prices of Gems and Metals will skyrocket, especialy the high end ones. I am personaly going to start thinkign about some long term investment in arcane crystals/arcanite bars maybe some dark iron, and I am guessing that they might have finaly found a use for those now almost usless Pristine Black Diamonds, and Black Diamonds. As well as some sappires and rubies large opals and such, cant hurt to pick up any that you see for cheap, you can always sell them for what you paid. Im going to pick up a bag full of stuff and stick it in the bank. Might pay off .. Might not. /shrug. Other thoughts: You will find that over time you will get better and better at knowing what to buy and how to sell, it is just like anything else it takes practice. This guide gives you a big head start but there is still plenty to learn, different items will sell better or for different amounts depending on your server, the economies between new and old , high and low pop servers varies greatly. Once you have a good 'feel' for the local economy on your server you will begin to make wiser choices and make more gold. Thats it , go get started !

Leveling Guide For Level 48-60 Accelerated


In the very North West cornor of Feralas there are harpys. Ranging from 48 to 53.
Harpys (lvl 48's) (lvl 49's)
Grind these harpy's from 48-53.
I found out that having healing potions and useing a Elixer of the Mongoose ( helps a lot. For melee class's.
There is a good chance of being ganked by lvl 60's cause at that level your easy prey.
You should be able to grind a least 40k exp a hour and get descently good greens and runecloth if i remember correctly. I am a warrior so it might be a bit different for each class.

In Azshara there are Blood Elves and Legashi Deamons. There are on the upper part in the middle on the side towards the ocean.
Blood Elves (lvl 52's) (lvl 51's) (lvl 52's castors) (lvl 53's castors)
You can grind these mobs fairly fast, descent runecloth drops, and a few blues here and there. Only thing youll run into there is chinese farmers.
Legashi Deamons (lvl 52's castors) (lvl 53's castors) (lvl 51's) (lvl 52's) (lvl 53's)
These mobs arnt so bad, but the castors can be a pain sometimes. They have a chance to drop Felcloth wich is really nice, They drop cards too. Cha ching??? Well you can grind these along with the blood elvs. I killed so many so fast id go from blood elvs to legashi deamons and back and forth. It was really good xp. Probly 21+g per hour or so.

This is where Deadwind pass actually plays its part sometime in the game. Grind the ogres in the southeast side. (lvl 55's) (lvl 56's) (lvl 56's) (lvl 57's) (lvl 55's castors) (lvl 56's castors) (lvl 57's castors) (lvl 57's castors) (lvl 58's castors)
There are a ton of these mobs, and RARELY you find alliance/horde. They have some descent hp but theres so many they make up for it. They have runecloth and money drops. They drop blues and while i was lvl 58 i found a epic axe brain hacker. are caves here wich you can go in and fight them too. They are easy if you have armor or are melee in general. Im not sure how the castors will work out.

I devoloped this guide 100% myself while grinding my warrior.

Thanks for reading,
Have a fun time grinding!

WoW Alliance Grind 1-40 4 Days Guide

I just got my rogue to lvl 60 and I decided to make a priest (Very high demand on my server). And when I got to lvl 35 I looked at my time spent ( /played) it was only 4 days. So I thought I would share this with you.

*1 - 10 Starting area (ex. Darnassus, Elywnn)
*10 - 18 Westfall (Grinding - questing) Deadmines once for loot
18 -20 Wetlands (Grinding - few quests)
20 - 25 Duskwood (Darkened Bank)
25 - 30 Duskwood (Raven Hill skeletons)
30 - 35 Alterac Mountains (Dalaran - Turtles)
35 - 40 Theramore (Turtles)

This guide has a lot of turtle killing, only because I found that fast-easy to kill, plus they dont do alot of damage. Im sure alot of people already use this or somthing similar. But its just another way to get up those beging lvl's fast.

*The whole region.

Profession: Mining Guide

Mining is the art of finding rocks...and make boat-loads of money while doing it :)

Jewel crafting depends a lot on mining, so mining will be very hot the next few months, while people stockpile mats for leveling jewel-crafting. I suggest keeping most of your ore in ore-form and also hang on to every gem you mine. And then sell it all in the frenzy of jewel-crafting :)

It's not very hard to level mining, you just have to be patient. As with herbalism, the best way to do it, is to find a nice 10 minute route, run it, log, wait 30 mins and repeat. Mounts help a lot, so I recommend waiting until 60 before you start focusing on leveling it.

This is the skill needed to mine the nodes needed for leveling it:

Copper - 1
Tin - 65
Iron - 125
Mithril - 175
Dark Iron - 230
Small Thorium Veins - 250
Rich Thorium Veins - 275

1-65. Copper, 80s-1G/20 on AH: Run either Durotar or Westfall for this part. In Westfall just skirt the edges of the map and leveling should go quick. In Durotar, the Harpy Canyon outside OG is packed with Copper, so head there.

66-125. Tin, 60-80s/20 on AH: This is where a lot of people choke on mining. This is the hardest part, but go to Wetlands and you will be fine :) In wetlands there is an Alliance quest for something called Incendicite in a cave filled with spiders. Mining this gives you skill-ups in normal mining, as if it were tin. In addition to these spawns in the cave, there is also tin. About 15-20 nodes all in all.

126-175. Iron, 1.5G-3G/20 on AH: Head to East Arathi Highlands and move from the bottom to the top of the east side. About 3 caves (2 troll ones and one ogre) filled with nodes plus some out in the open as well.

176-230 (or to 250). Mithril, 2.5G-3.5G/20 on AH: Head to East Badlands where all the small whelps are. Ride through the canyon, log 30 minutes, ride back down, repeat. About 15 nodes here.

(231-275). Dark Iron, 5-10G EACH on AH (depends a lot on how far people are raid wise on your server, since people use a lot of Dark Iron early on in MC, but not really later on). You really need to be able to stealth or FD to do this, otherwise stick with mithril until 250 and Small Thorium veins. Farming Dark Iron requires someone to help reset an instance, and then you follow this guide to Dark Iron Farming in BRD:

250-275. Small Thorium vein, 3-4G/20 on AH: There are a few places to do this:
Burning Steppes:
Un'Goro Crater:

Burning Steppes would probably be the best choice; head to the ogre mountain in the NE and mine here, log 30 mins, repeat.

276-300. Rich Thorium Vein, 3-4G/20 on AH: This is where it gets interesting. Winterspring is your best bet for this. Either do laps around the Demon Canyon in the south; You can lap all the valleys, except a small one, in 10 minutes flat. It used to not be camped, but word has gotten out. 2-5 spawns can be expected per run depeding on popularity :) Or you can lap the whole of WS, except the Demon Canyon:

You can get Arcane Crystals from these veins. These are worth 20-30G each. There are also a few other gems you can get, but these only sell for around 3-5G each.
My suggestion is hanging on to all of the gems, since they will be needed for jewel-crafting. It's also better to keep these from an inflationary point of view, since TBC will cause a lot of inflation. 30G now is a decent amount of gold, but it won't be in TBC. Keeping your money in gems, ores and bars minimizes the effect of inflation on you, since they will sell for a lot more in TBC. Just a little crash course in economics :D